PT. Mukti Sejahtera Teknik is a local company established by founder Dhani Prasetyo and patner as a general trading company.
PT. Mukti Sejahtera Teknik has been runing the Machinery Business since the establishment on July 2009.

Currently PT. Mukti Sejahtera Teknik has a sole agent agreement for sales and after market service with a Japanese company Kokusai Co. Ltd, a Germany company, Zeppelin Gmbh of tyre/rubber division and a Holland company, VMIAZ.

PT. Mukti Sejahtera Teknik has been doing business:
1. Automotive and rubber (Kobe Steel Co. Ltd)
2. Making a powder handling system (Zeppelin Technology Far East Pte. Ltd)
3. Marking Tape (Murata Kimpaku Co. Ltd)
4. Making the balancing machine (Kokusai Co. Ltd)
5. Making the Extruder for rubber (VMI Hollad BV)