BOLT-TEC Silos – Silos In Modular Construction

Zeppelin Silo 01Transport at low cost, easy assembly – worldwide!

 Our intelligent design ensures your technological lead from now on, iste sections no longer need welding – they can be bolted on site. This innovative concept has been developed in co-operation with several research institues.
The concept: the different silo segmetns are transported in containers and then bolted to each other on site. No sepcialized assembly staff is required as the work can be carried out quickly and at low cos by your own staff.



Specialist in extrusion

vmi_tire_component_beadapexingVMI is the world’s specialist in extruder gear pump systems for compound straining, rubber preforming, second stage mixing, and high speed and accurate profile extrusion.

Our extrusion systems combine the plasticization of an extruder with the accurate, high pressure volumetric output of a gear pump. We make it possible to control compound plasticization and output pressure independently, to ensure extreme accuracy and high output – while preventing scorching. (more…)


Automotive Tire And Wheel Assembly Tester

img_product03_01Integrated Tire And Wheel Assembly Tester (High Speed Uniformity)

The world’s first machine to enable production line testing of uniformity, balance, and a combination of both (combined uniformity) for tire and wheel assemblies under actual road conditions (more than 120 kph (75 mph))

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